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When we were young, the most popular question posed to people of my generation, irrespective of race, color, religion or ancestry was, what is your ambition? We were oblivious to politics then.

When the prime minister (PM) spoke about Transformasi Nasional 50 (TN50), a new ‘vision’ for the nation, it brought back memories of what we wanted to be when we grow older. Some of us achieved our dreams, some had to change and some failed.

It is a jolly good thing to happen when we are at the last leg of Vision 2020 and focusing on our youths as the core to this new vision.

For that matter, it is our Youth and Sports Minister, En Khairy Jamaluddin who conceived TN50 and we can say it is his ‘baby’.

The PM said “…we are responsible citizens and forefathers, to leave behind the best and the greatest legacy to be inherited by future generations. Let the old legacy pass”. TN50 will seek to transform the country’s economy, citizen well-being, environment, technology, social interaction, governance and public administration.

He does not want the initiative to be politicised. “Our government today is a government which is willing to listen and uses the bottom-up approach. I believe our development must be balanced and development must be on the basis that no Malaysians will be left behind” he added. There should be a more just and equitable society.

The general goal for TN50 is for Malaysia to become a top 20 country in the world by the year 2050.

The responsible ministry said one of the key activities will be the discussion and networking groups. Other groups are also welcome to participate and share their thoughts. It will also be working with other government agencies, corporate bodies and NGOs.

While the various parties are working on the TN50, as a senior citizen, I feel compelled to lay down a few pointers as my personal input.

1. Leave behind the best and the greatest legacy.

It is good to leave behind the best and the greatest legacy in the form of TN50 to be inherited by future generations but, it must also be desired not to let the old legacy to just pass by.

2. Let the old legacy pass.

There is a popular adage that goes something like this, ‘Forget the past, don’t worry about the future, live in the present’. But, usually those who choose to simply forget the past miss out on its fullest potential. There are valuable lessons to be learned from it - the strengths and weaknesses. Also, ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’

It is not so simple as to just let the old legacy pass. It is a heritage passed on by our predecessors and we should where possible jealously guard it.

3. TN50 will seek to transform the country’s economy, citizen well-being, environment, technology, social interaction, governance and public administration.

Compare it with Vision 2020 that calls for the nation to achieve a self-sufficient industrialized nation, encompassing all aspects of life, from economic prosperity, social well-being, educational worldclass, political stability, as well as psychological balance.

As I see it there is not much difference where TN50 emphasises environment and technology. Therefore, we should try to fulfil or complete what was envisioned in Vision 2020.

4. Finish what we started.

There were scant mention of Vision 2020 and how the ‘Way Forward’ paper will be fulfilled. Unfinished jobs/projects can be swept under the carpet but rarely would they pick themselves up and quietly leave by the back door. They never do. It is an unwelcome mark on one’s soul, mind, or spirit. Perhaps, convincing us that we just can’t stick with anything and would naturally produce negative vibes.

The chorus of the song “Finish What We Started” by Diamond Rio goes like this:

“And step by step and mile by mile… Taking each turn together… Following the signs that point to forever… And side by side… True and tenderhearted… We'll finish what we started”

We should together finish and touch the tape in 2020 and raise our hands in jubilation.

5. Respect for elders.

This has to do with how much the elders can help the youths working on this new vision and offer valuable lessons. It is also a sign of compassion and mannerism, traits that many cultures value.

“O’ you who have true faith! Do not let men make fun of other men – perhaps they may be better than the other (group of men)…” (Quran: Al-Hujurat 49:11)

6. Era of “the government knows best” is over.

It was reported that the TN50 town hall session is the clearest indication yet of the new paradigm that the era of “the government knows best” is over.

It was on April 4th in 2009, that the PM announced “The day and age where government knows all and knows best is so long over”. We do know in between the two dates, there were many instances where government still knows best. Be that as it may, I do hope that it will be a reality that actually exists henceforth.

7. It must be on the basis that no Malaysians will be left behind.

This is noble. But as in most things that we saw happening, it is easier said than done. As an example, the KVMRT project was for the well being of the people but quite a number have to suffer with the line or track passing virtually over the roof of their houses without any compensation.

8. The PM does not want the initiative to be politicised.

I fully agree but groups from the other side have to be included to contribute their two sen worth. Similarly, the present government should not take sole credit when the initiative is implemented and proven successful in future.

Let us make this a truly all-inclusive Malaysian effort for our future generation. We are the “legal guardian for future generations” and whatever decisions we make today will impact them.

Let us all be statesmen that think of not only for the next generation but for the well-being of future generations.

To achieve this, the government has to provide the leadership.

To be more meaningful, I would suggest for us to produce a longer term or more of a perpetual Vision to consciously guide us. More like a vision statement for the country along with mission statements. The successive 30-year visions can be included in the objectives.

What say you…

The Hudud Laws are clearly and brightly enshrined in the Holy Quran. In essence the Hudud Laws are collectively a code of fundamental laws providing for the parameters of and the legitimate punishments for every Muslim who commits offences in breach of  Allah’s Commandments. The Hudud Laws are made in Heaven. They are willed by Allah. They are Divine justice from Allah, the Ultimate Law Giver.

The Hudud Laws are immutable and eternal laws, they ceremoniously bind all Muslims, prophets and followers, without any exception. They could not be fashioned and wilfully amended to accommodate the human changing psyche, material desires, social development and economic dominance more so to legitimise odd behaviours and inhuman excesses. The Hudud Laws are regal and supremely and divinely tailored by the Creator of the Universe to ensure that man would not loose his intellectual superiority, spiritual essence and dignity as a respectable human being.  

Without the Hudud Laws, there are always the imminent danger that man would steer away and deviate from religious norms and good respectable humane moral conduct and hence to fall unwittingly into the bottomless pit of disgrace and inhumane misconducts and loose his spiritual enlightenment and superiority as Allah’s viceroy (Khalifah) on this blessed earth.

Let us look at ancient example of man unfortunate fall into unmitigated disgrace. The Holy Quran vividly tells the story of Prophet Lot’s community who arrogantly transgressed Allah’s moral parameters. They committed the highest sin of the flesh by indulging in homosexual intimacy between men and lesbianism between women beyond the walls of saintliness and Divine obedience. They immediately sparked the Wrath of Allah the Magnificient as even animals do not commit such outrageous excesses. Allah did wait long. Divine justice was swiftly meted out - they (the sinners) were violently rained with fiery blazing brimstones and they perished miserably and their entire cities were turned upside-down. A tremendous catastrophy indeed. No one survived except Lot’s family but his wife. Let it be known that this punishment is for later generations to ponder to not to repeat such act of wicked lewdness in the like footsteps of Lot’s community.

Now in the present century we have in our beloved country a Federal Government with a strong Muslim representations both in the Senate and the Dewan Rakyat. For almost sixty years after independence, the Federal Government had done virtually nothing of significance to resurrect the Hudud Laws in the Holy Quran to be the laws of the land for Muslims. Until today the Government continues to apply the English Laws (both criminal and civil) to every Muslim instead of the Hudud Laws from the Holy Quran. What is brazenly blasphemous is – not only that the Government had abandoned its duty and responsibility (to the Muslim community) by not implementing the Hudud Laws after wielding executive powers and ruling the country for more than half a century but they unashamedly resisted and blocked the “blessed journey” of the Hudud Laws into Parliament. This would tantamount to shaking the celestial Arasy (The Throne of Allah), that is, a phenomenon indicating a spectacular facet of the Divine Wrath to those who reject and block the implementation of Allah’s Commandments.

Let it be known that as citizens we love this country, we love the Government and above all we love Islam most. It is lamentable that the Government we put into power to rule us had never earnestly looked up to Heaven for guidance and spiritual strength in moulding the Muslim community in this beloved country. Had they done so, the Hudud laws would have been the laws of the land for the Muslims years ago. They had conveniently forsaken and renounced their intrinsic duty and the trust they hold for the spiritual salvation and grace of the Muslim community.

Until to-date, besides making some inroads into Islamic banking and finance practices, the Government limits the practice of Islamic Laws only to solemnisation of marriages, divorce and distribution of “harta pusaka” and such other trifling matters of life. Generally the Syariah Courts’ judicial powers are much to be desired – far from what Allah had ordained and enshrined in the Holy Quran. The Government is bereft of the political will to see that the entire Laws in the Holy Quran be planted as the thriving laws for the Muslims. This laikadaisical attitude is most regrettable and all the Muslim Federal Ministers and those voters who supported and put them into power would be answerable to Allah for their long inordinate delay and dismal failure to find ways and the paths that would usher the Hudud Laws see the light of day.

The Holy Quran in many brilliant and sparkling verses stirringly urge “the Muslims to trek on with Jihad by way of their wealth and lives in the cause of Allah”. In our beloved country the imminence of Jihad now is to apply the entire Allah Laws in the Holy Quran to the Muslims. I believe the huge majority of Muslims in this country are now impatiently waiting for Allah Laws to be applied to their lives. But alas  the bulwark is the Muslim Cabinet ministers who nonchalantly and conveniently consider the Hudud Laws as an  insignificant facet of life.  For about sixty years they steered the country’s administration eversince independence they did not lift a finger to assist in making the Hudud Laws the laws of the Muslims. In Akhirat Allah would definitely ask them “why did they reject  Allah’s Laws? And be mindful…Allah the Magnificient requires an answer.     

In reflection this is precisely what Jihad is all about now in this beloved country. Don’t they (the Muslim Federal Ministers) see it that it is their duty to Allah and the Muslims that with the power they wield, they are in a position to apply the Hudud Laws on the Muslims. But they coveniently do not. Their priority of life has been awkwardly  inverted. Their secular ways tops the pyramid, Allah is placed on the second tier and the Sunnah of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad Bpuh lies on the third tier. It appears that the Government may fall under the category of the doomed creature as stated in the Holy Quran as “having eyes but they do not see, having ears but they do not hear and having heart but they could not feel the Divine presence”. And in dramatic eloquence…the Holy Quran concludes “they are worse than animals”.

This is indeed true as wee see in our own eyes that the Muslims are herded like domesticated cows by the Government to live under the unblessed man-made laws (the English Laws) instead of the Hudud Laws. Unfortunately too, the Muftis, the majority of ulama’ both in the Government sector and in the higher learning institutions have not made a consistent formidable campaign to urge the Government to implement the Hudud Laws among Muslims. The Muslim masses continue to meekly slumber in submitting to the chaotic man-made laws. The apathy continues….until Hudud Laws replace the present man-made laws, there would be no peace of mind (sakinah), blessing (barakah) and true and complete Divine love (rahmah) for the Muslim community. 

When in Akhirat those who are condemned to Hellfires see the punishing fury and terror of Hellfires, they revolted tumultuously accusing their leaders thus - “It is you who caused us to be condemned to Hell” and they make a frantic call to the Almighty “Oh Allah because they (our leaders) have vilely misled our lives, increase two-fold the punishment of Hellfires upon them” and “if not for them, O Allah, we would have become the blessed dwellers of Jannah (Paradise)”. The leaders promptly reply “ O Allah, it is not us who misled them, it is they who have wronged themselves”. Allah in His glory replied “Do not argue in My presence, both of you would get the fiery punishments for what you have done, that is, leading your lives not in accordance with the Holy Quran and the Sunnah”. The message here is crystal clear – follow not and support not anyone in life blindly, just lead you own entire life strictly in accordance with the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW.

The Holy Quran eloquently warns the Muslims in Surah An Nisa verse 60 thus “Have you not seen those who claimed to have believed in what was revealed to you (Muhammad), and what was revealed before you. They wish to refer legislation (laws and regulations) to Thagut, while, in fact, they are commanded to reject it; and Satan wishes to lead them far astray”. This verse is truly a reflection of our wicked miserable position now, that is, while we categorically claim ourselves to be true Muslims (beriman) but oddly we do not submit to the criminal laws as enshrined in the Holy Quran instead we meekly bow our souls to the man-made English (Thagut) criminal laws. Ponder a moment in the silent ambience of our soul. Are we not sinners deserving the fury of the Hellfires for casting away the Hudud Laws in our lives?”.