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Seek more ‘rayas’ after Aidilfitri 12 Julai 2016 LanH, [email protected]
Eid an opportunity to make the right choice 04 Julai 2016 Harun Yahya
Southeast Asian nations to cooperate against kidnappers 21 Jun 2016 Rappler
Search for MH370 gives up possible personal items 21 Jun 2016 CW39 - CNN
Emulating Gardens of Eden... 21 Jun 2016 Harun Yahya
Election laws trampled amid public apathy 21 Jun 2016 Kim Quek
Growing up in Kuala Kangsar 21 Jun 2016 LanH, [email protected]
The Chinese hackers in the back office 11 Jun 2016 NY Times
The religion is lived by love and enthusiasm in one’s heart 11 Jun 2016 Harun Yahya
Ramadan notes: Guard our eyes, mouths and private parts 11 Jun 2016 LanH, [email protected]
There’s no cut to success! 11 Jun 2016 LanH, [email protected]
Paedophile dreamed of marrying victim so he could abuse a 'cycle of children' 03 Jun 2016 Mirror UK
PAS president wants Malaysia to turn to ‘Islamic solutions’ 03 Jun 2016 TodayOnline
Think less of food this Ramadan… 03 Jun 2016 LanH, [email protected]
To the last bastion of Mathematics and Science in this country, Teachers! 03 Jun 2016 Dr Nabilah Ali
The fallacy of Malaysia's economic realities and the foreign workers 03 Jun 2016 Anas Alam Faizli
There’s no short cut to success! 03 Jun 2016 LanH, [email protected]
Counter bigotry through knowledge and wisdom 03 Jun 2016 Harun Yahya
The man who seduced the 7th Fleet: Federal sting reveals trail of corruption 28 Mei 2016 The Day - The Washington Post
FAM: We are yet to decide on KAFA's punishment for wage issue 28 Mei 2016 Goal.com