Hold your purses

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Stop. Wait a minute. Check your purse before it is too late.

Fireworks. Green packets passed around. Aromatic smells of delicious rendang and curry fill the air, making your mouth water. The ketupat, used to decorate the house, brightens the atmosphere with their bright colours of yellow, and green. Hari Raya. A month of celebration after fasting. The feeling of joy when you can eat again to your heart’s desire. Not to mention, the month to get really, really broke.

This situation is not unfamiliar for all of us. In fact, we usually find ourselves short on cash during this festive season every year. Year, after year, we skip reading articles that tell us to save wisely this Raya, and go all out on spending. However, after purchasing a ton of new clothes, food, and decorations, or even spending it on a holiday with no budget, your wallet seems to be lacking in size. Sound familiar? For most of us, this tends to happen to us a lot.

Picture this: You were intending to save your money for an iPhone 6 plus, or the Samsung S6 Edge. Not to mention, if you were to use your credit card, it would take with what feels like forever to pay back the loans with interest, to the bank. What now? You have been wanting a new phone for ages, but it is hard to not spend money, especially when Raya sales are everywhere.

If only you could turn the hands of time, and take back purchasing the items you do not need. Having a budget sounded like a party pooper before, but now it looks like the only way you could to be able to afford for a phone, a car, or even a house in the near future. Oh Raya, such a time to enjoy, but also a time to remember we have to control our temptations to spend.

What about consulting the experts on financial planning? Nah, those things cost money, which is not something you want to spare at the moment. But wait! You remember seeing a TV ad about an agency that provides financial management services for FREE, what was the name of it again? After looking it up, you learn that the Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit provides financial education to the public, and helps individuals with financial planning for the future!

You schedule an appointment, and the counsellor gives useful tips on saving at least 10% of your allowance, as well as spending within your means. Now your head is lighter, and your wallet is not as thin as before, because you are saving money.

Plan for tomorrow. Plan for the future. Plan now.

Together with AKPK, you can achieve your goals and dreams. Don’t wait.

To find out more, log onto http://www.akpk.org.my/  or contact AKPK’s toll free number at 1800 88 2575.

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