Harakah to leave for flood affected areas again

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KUALA LUMPUR: The return of Harakah volunteer team from flood affected areas in Kelantan a few days back, had brought along with them a thousand painful images of the suffering and destruction they witnessed. 

Sharing his experiences with English Section, Harakah managing director Dr Rosli Yaakop said no words could describe the seriousness of situation that have struck the people.

"There are victims who have totally lost their homes, I asked one of the villagers there, where was his house, he said all have been swept away by the floods strong current, leaving on the stairs.

"Other houses suffered major damaged, and would require extensive repair work, " he said when contacted Jan 19.

The former Bank Negara deputy director said despite all that has happened, he was very impressed to see the flood victims.

Although the flood victims have lost almost everything, their will and determination remained strong, he said.

"A few villagers who had just returned from a nearby evacuation centre immediate set upon repairing their houses, and when asked whether it weren’t the damage too severe to be repaired, they replied, as long as they’ve got a supply of wooden planks, it could definitely be repaired,” he added.

The saddest moment for me, he said, when I witnessed that everything in the victims’ houses is no longer usable and this included mattresses, pillows, gas stoves, and clothes still in their closet as it was covered with mud.

"When I was there, I was only able to give a few words of encouragement," he continued.

He said that the humanitarian aid delivered were not much but hopefully it would reduce their burden.

Among the necessities given to victims included sugar, flour, soap, detergents, and most of all, new school uniforms.

"Harakah with its limited funds, can only do so much,” he said.

He hoped more concerned citizens and non-governmental groups would chip in and come forward to assistance to the flood victims.

"Harakah plans to send another team very soon. Maybe we’ll be able to bring along items that have been requested to us," he said, before ending the conversation.

Dr Rosli was among more than twenty Harakah staff who had left for Kelantan Jan 15, with the aim of bring along much needed items to hard to reach places such as Manek Urai and Gua Musang.

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