Floods: Bangi comes up with innovative house design

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BANDAR BARU BANGI – Concerned about the plight of the flood affected victims the office of the assemblyman for Bangi and non-governmental organization Bangi Care Malaysia has organized an effort to build housing for those in need.

The aim is to build at least 55 units of Rumah Rakyat Bangi Care for flood victims in the East Coast.

PAS deputy spiritual advisor, Dato Dr Haron Din who witnessed the launch Jan 22 said all concerned citizens especially those who were not directly affected by the floods should support projects such as these.

“By aiding our effort through donations, houses could be set up quickly, and thus I feel it must be implemented immediately.

“Immediacy is important because they have suffered enough from the beginning of the floods, and then in evacuation centers. Now that the flood waters have receded they still have not been able to return home because it is no longer there,” he said.

Utilising this design by Bangi Care, he added, the victims would now have a much better place to live in, compared to the tents in use in a lot of places now.

“Of course, the house is not perfect, but in the follow-up phases, rooms or other amenities could be added”, he continued.

“However, in performing our work, we must not forget to ask God to facilitate us while doing it”.

“To those unfortunate ones, please stay patient, as Allah’s reward is great. If we lose our patience in the face of challenges, then everything will come to nothing, that is my only hope,” he said.

Large programme

Bangi assemblyman, Shafie Ngah during the press conference held after the launch said the current effort was the third largest in collaboration with Bangi Care.

“All non-governmental groups in Malaysia wishing to assist in Kelantan for example, have been divided into several groups and directed to assist in certain areas, and we have been given the responsibility to do our best for Kuala Krai.”

“After completion of the first phase, we will move to the second phase which is expected to finish by the end this year. The final design of the house such as where the kitchen and toilet is to be sited, depends wholly on its future tenants,” he said.

“What’s special about this house”, he said, “is that should the flood waters come again, the house would move as a block and not get destroyed as experienced by many.

To last decades

The construction of this permanent home would use 'Galvanised Foam Insulation' technology that is soundproofed, portable, vibration and heat resistant.

Materials used are also coated with steel and aluminium, that allows the house to float on water if water levels rose again.

One house measuring 700 square feet can be installed in less than a day.

With each house estimated to weigh 2.5 tonnes, it is expected to last for at least 50 years.

The house also utilizes new technology making it able to withstand heat for 82 minutes, allowing its occupants sufficient time to escape in case of fire, as per the safety regulations set by the Fire and Rescue Department.

Technical engineer Hanapiah Khalid who was present said that this house was planned to provide three bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Construction is expected to begin in early February 2015 at a cost of RM48,000 per unit.

A total of RM2.7 million was needed to put this rebuilt housing for affected residents in Kampung Kuala Nal in Kuala Krai.

In the same ceremony, Serdang PAS branch and Masjid al-Hassanah Bandar Baru Bangi also handed over their 'mock-cheques ' amounting to RM40,000 and RM50,000 respectively to support the effort.

In addition, the PAS Women’s Wing of Bangi contributed stoves for those in need.

For the first phase of the project, Bangi Care has donated three units of semi-detached houses worth RM90,000 to be constructed as temporary shelters.

These semi-detached houses of 400 square feet measurement would be built on land owned by the local government.

Priority would be given to families who are very poor and or have family members who have just given birth.

A total of 1,850 houses in Kuala Krai were destroyed by the floods last month.

Those wishing to help can bank in their donations to Bangi Concern Welfare Association, Maybank account number 5628 3461 6185. Anyone with queries can kindly contact Hanapiah Khalid at 019-389 7763 - ES

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