Parkes Observatory: Extraterrestrial messages or microwave noodles?

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Unexplained radio waves aren't uncommon at radio telescopes. But while it's probable that some of these signals are from outer space, the source of a mysterious type of radio signal known as perytons is something a little closer to home.

These signals are very similar to the dispersion of an astrophysical pulse through tenuous cold plasma -- what is known as a "fast radio burst." These FRBs are unexplained to this day... but the origin of the peryton has now been revealed.

"Until now, the physical origin of the dispersion-mimicking perytons had remained a mystery. We have identified strong out-of-band emission at 2.3-2.5 GHz associated with several peryton events," wrote Emily Petroff and her team at Australia's Parkes Observatory in a paper uploaded to arXiv.

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