Rompin: Time to send a strong message to BN

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ROMPIN - With the people of Rompin going to the polls to elect a new representative to the Parliament in less than twelve hours, they have been urged to make their choice wisely.

"Do not choose those who support the implementation of Goods and Services Tax on the poor, orphans, disabled and of similar fate.

"Do not give a vote to those who will not be brave enough to oppose wrongdoings, until the extent of defending it for example the wastages and show of excessive wealth as being shown by our leaders as it is not a trait liked by Allah.

"And do not give your vote to those who bribe your with money and wealth as in the end, you, your sons and daughters and even their children will have to pay in return, many times more what you've received," said PAS vice-president Dato Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man in a statement May 1.

Thus give a chance to the PAS candidate, someone who is fighting for what has been prescribed by Allah, despite having to face so many obstacles and challenges, appealed Tuan Ibrahim.

In a related development, the failure of Election Commission to take action on the widespread abuse of government vehicles and premises during the electoral campaign in Rompin parliamentary constituency by the Barisan Nasional was found to be very disappointing.

"The party in power should not have broken laws such as such at a time when the government wants the people to obey the law," said Tuan Ibrahim in a press conference a day before the 5th May by-election.

BN's share of the vote is expected to take a drop following public outcry over the implementation of the goods and services tax.

Rompin is a rural seat, with Malays making up 87 percent of the total voters of 53,249.

The by-election comes after the incumbent, Tan Sri Jamaluddin Jarjis, passed away in a helicopter crash on April 4.

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