Sarawak: Small entrepreneur find it difficult to get gov't assistance

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MIRI – A small time entrepreneur applied for aid from the government in order to build her business premises market its business.

Difficulties in applying for assistance for her processed snacks and traditional cakes business have caused Mrs Hadiah Binti Hj. Ghani, a member of Parti Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) to bring up the matter to PAS.

According to her, it has already been seven years since her application was approved, but so far no action has been taken by the agencies concerned.

She had hoped the relevant authorities would pay attention to the problem she was facing,  but they did not pay attention.

As she is totally dependent on her small-scale business for survival, she had complained to the PAS with the hope the party would be able to voice the problem to the relevant authorities for consideration.

She hopes the existence of workshop to process light snacks and traditional cakes would be able to increase her household income.

Sarawak PAS Commissioner, Jofri Jaraiee commenting on the issue said he hopes the agencies involved  can find a solution to Mrs Hadiah Hj. Ghani and and immediately take action.

"The government should be able to help whomever that need help.

"PAS regardless of race, religion and political affiliation is willing to help articulate the people's problems to the relevant agencies so that their problems to be addressed accordingly," Jofri added.

In collaboration with the relevant government agencies to deliver assistance as requested it can be processed immediately is highly appreciated.

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